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Rebecca Eldridge

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Rebecca Eldridge

Margaret Fletcher

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Margaret Fletcher

Rebecca and Margaret are leaders in the field of teaching mindfulness. And they’re great friends who connected as senior MBSR teachers and MBSR teacher trainers at the Center for Mindfulness (CFM) at UMass Medical School.

Rebecca created the live online version of MIndfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and was selected to train CFM faculty to teach MBSR online in a way that is interactive, effective, and fun. She is also the creator and leader of a free weekly Worldwide Online Sit where people come to connect with themselves and others around the practice of mindfulness. Margaret was brought in for her expertise in teaching and training teachers, and continues to develop and deliver rich online offerings for businesses, organizations, communities, mindfulness teachers, and anyone anywhere who wants to come alive.

Through years of teaching and training, Rebecca and Margaret’s reach extends up and down the Eastern seaboard of the United States, and around the world. They count many of the strongest mindfulness teachers and trainers as friends, colleagues, and collaborators. The power to gather around a shared ethos and practice is the engine of their work.

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